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Skráðu þitt fyrirtæki

Upload your business

Hey everyone! 


Please copy and past the structure and fill in with your business info.

Attache a picture/logo for your business.

Then email it to: and we will upload it as soon as possible.


The RVKTL is doing this for free on our own time 

so please be patient with us.

This is project for supporting small/independent business.

No chains need apply.



We are.... 


We (do/make/sell/offer).... 


You can support us by (placing online order/buying gift card/ donating/etc)...





Við erum....


Við (gerum/búum til/seljum/bjóðum upp á)....


Þú getur sýnt okkur stuðning með því að (panta á netinu/kaupa gjafabréf/styrkja/o.s.frv.)...



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